Vista de pájaro de los viñedos de Dominio Fournier

Reserva 2015

A wine of the highest quality traditionally produced with our own harvested grapes. Our Reserva ages for a minimum of 36 months before going onto the market, between 18 and 24 months in a new French oak barrel and the rest of the time resting in its bottle to seal its extraordinary taste: intense, complex and very rounded.

Tasting note


Intense cherry red with a large depth.


Intense and complex, a mix of mature fruit aromas with balsamic notes such as black liquorice, followed by recollections of vanilla and spices from the barrel.


Pleasant, silky and very rounded, with a mature, oily tannin and supple from its time spent in the bottle.
When you love what you do, the end result is worth it
Marian Santamaría
Dominio Fournier winemaker
Botella de vino Dominio Fournier Reserva 2014
Botella de vino Dominio Fournier Reserva
Botella de vino Dominio Fournier Reserva

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